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Covid-19 Procedures and Policies


Please note the following and we thank you in advance for your cooperation:


  1. Bottle of Water: Please ensure that your child has their own bottle of water with them at every class in case they get thirsty. We are no longer able to give children cups of water if they do not have their own bottle. This should be the only thing children bring with them to class. 

  2. Drop Off and Collection points: We still have a one way system in place in the gym. However, we have changed the direction of this to allow for a smoother drop off and collection process (ie. the old exit door is now the new entrance door etc). There are signs on the doors for your assistance. 

  3. Gymnasts and coaches only in the gym: We ask that parents/guardians do not enter the gym. Should you wish to speak with a member of staff, please email us at Please drop your child at the ‘drop off’ door at their class time and collect at the ‘collection’ door at the end of their class. Children will not be allowed into the gym prior to their class time. 

  4. Social Distancing: There is a queueing system in place for entry to the gym. On entry children will place their shoes etc in the individual shelving units and will then take their place on the floor for their warm up. The floor has been divided up into sections to allow for social distancing during the warm up and floor activities. After warm up, the children will work in their smaller groupings. Please remind your children to adhere to social distancing. We ask that siblings and children travelling together maintain social distancing both in the gym and outside queuing, so as not to confuse others. 

  5. Footwear: Where possible, please ensure that your child is wearing footwear that they can take off and put on themselves. For example, if your child is unable to tie their own laces, it is preferable that they wear slip-on or velcro shoes. We want to reduce any unnecessary physical contact the coaches need to make with the children and this would be of great help. 

  6. Hand sanitiser units: Hand sanitiser units have been installed throughout the gym. All children will use the hand sanitiser on entering, between stations during the class and on exiting the gym.

  7. Toilets: Where possible, please ensure that your child has gone to the toilet before attending class. Our toilet facilities are available for use by our members and are being cleaned regularly. However, it is preferably that we reduce the number of people needing to use them daily. 

  8. Cleaning/Sanitisation: Frequently used surfaces (eg door handles, equipment etc) will be cleaned and sanitised regularly. 

  9. Self Screening: Please ensure that you self screen your child before they come to their class (ie. temperature, fever, cough, breathlessness and other symptoms check). If your child is unwell, do not send them to class.

  10. Isolation Station: As instructed by Gymnastics Ireland, Vortex Gymnastics have a set isolation space in the Office of the gym (the old corridor/hallway). Should your child display symptoms or feel unwell, they will be directed to this isolation space. In the isolation space they will be provided with hand sanitiser, a face mask and accompanied by a coach who will maintain social distance. A parent/guardian will be contacted to collect their child. 

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