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General Rules

  • Only coaches and gymnasts are permitted in the gym area. Parents/Guardians must wait outside until class has finished. 

  • Parents, particularly those of younger children, are strongly encouraged to accompany your child to and from class.

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for prompt drop off/collection of their children.

  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted to drop off their own or any other child early and leave them unsupervised before classes. We do not allow children into the gym prior to their class time and therefore we will not be held responsible for children that are left unsupervised outside the gym premises prior to their class. 

  • It is very important that gymnasts attend training on time.  All classes start with games and warm up exercises. If arriving late, gymnasts must perform their own warm up before joining class.

  • Gymnasts must not leave the gymnastics hall without permission from a coach, either during the class or at the end of the class.

  • Children are to be collected by a parent/guardian from the exit door. Children are not permitted to cross the car park or to walk out of the gym unaccompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • Gymnasts may not leave class early unless the coach has been informed by a parent. Doors are locked during classes for safety reasons. 

  • If at any time your child feels unusual pain or discomfort, it is your responsibility to report this to the coach before class.  

  • If your child injures themselves during class, a coach must be informed on the day of the injury, if they are not already aware of it. 

  • If there is any change of circumstance, i.e. medical, change of address and in particular change of phone number you must inform us by email. 

  • In the interest of safety, children are to obey all coaches at all times. 

  • Gymnasts are not permitted to use any equipment unless instructed by a coach.

  • All members, gymnasts, parents and guardians, are expected to show respect and courtesy towards the coaches and fellow gymnasts

  • Vortex Gymnastics reserves the right to change any class time at it's own discretion and/or as coaches see fit.

  • Vortex Gymnastics operates a strict no tolerance policy to misbehaviour and/or bullying by children, gymnasts, adults and parents/guardians. Gymnastics is a disciplined sport.

  • Vortex Gymnastics reserves the right to refuse admission or enrolment. 

  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during class by gymnasts.

  • If classes need to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, government restrictions, electrical/ water outages or other unforeseen events, the missed class time will not be rescheduled.

  • We ask you not to bring your children to training if they are sick - if they are too sick to attend school, they are too sick to attend gymnastics.

  • Gymnasts must bring a bottle of water (not fizzy drinks) to every gymnastics class in case they get thirsty.

  • Eating is not permitted during the training session. Food is not permitted in the gym. No nuts are allowed.

  • All Vortex Gymnastics members consent to photographs or video images being taken of them during their involvement in Vortex Gymnastics classes/activities and Gymnastics Ireland activities. Use of photographs and videos include, but are not limited to, promoting the sport, promoting Vortex Gymnastics or Gymnastics Ireland, use on social media and websites of Vortex Gymnastics or Gymnastics Ireland.

  • All children attending classes at Vortex Gymnastics must be fully toilet trained and capable of using the toilet facilities on their own. 

  • Adhere to Vortex Gymnastics Covid-19 Procedures and Policies

Attire/ Clothing

  • It is important to wear suitable clothes when you attend training, i.e. tracksuit, leggings, shorts, tee shirt or leotard. No Jeans or skirts or loose, baggy clothing. 

  • For safety reasons, long hair must be tied back and jewellery must not be worn.  

  • Children must wear socks to be allowed to bounce on the trampoline. 

  • All gymnasts and parents are responsible for the collection of belongings after each class.

  • All gymnasts training for 1hr 15mins or more weekly must wear a leotard to every training session. 

  • Any gymnast representing Vortex Gymnastics at National events must wear the Vortex leotard and tracksuit to the events.

Contacting Us

  • All communication is done by email only though

  • We do not make nor accept phone calls.

  • We endeavour to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

  • We advise members to add our email as a contact, to ensure they receive all communication to their inbox.

  • We do not have a full time secretary so we ask for your patience in this regard.

  • Coaches have access to a phone during class time for outgoing emergency calls only.

Term Fees

  • When you pay for your child’s fees, you are paying for your child’s place in the class and not his or her attendance. No refunds are available

  • New Members: A €50 deposit (non-refundable and non-transferable) is to be paid once a place has been accepted, prior to your child's first class and the balance of term fees is to be paid in full prior to the beginning of the first class. If it is the case that a child does not wish to continue attending gymnastics after their first class only, we will refund you your term fees, minus the €50 non-refundable deposit and the cost of the first class. Vortex Gymnastics must be notified by email at least 3 days prior to the second class of term in order to receive this refund. No exceptions.

  • Renewal Members for Term 1 (September): A €50 deposit (non-refundable and non-transferable) is to be paid during the month of May in the previous term and the balance of term fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the first class of term. No refunds are available. No exceptions.

  • Renewals Members within the Academic Year/Term 2 (January/February): A €50 deposit (non-refundable and non-transferable) is to be paid three weeks before the end of the first term and the balance of term fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of your child’s first class of the next term. No refunds are available. No exceptions.

  • As advised by Gymnastics Ireland - From the 1st of September 2020, Vortex Gymnastics can cancel classes without refund or credit. This includes, but is not limited to classes unable to run due to closures or interruptions to the planned term schedule. (including operating in a Covid-19 environment).

  • Vortex Gymnastics runs on a strict no fees no train policy. Failure to pay fees on time will affect your child’s participation in classes.

  • Term fee prices are available on request from coaches.

Data Privacy and CCTV Policies​

  • Vortex Gymnastics and all our members must adhere to our Privacy Policy and CCTV Policy.

  • All members or waiting list applicants must consent to allowing Vortex Gymnastics to process and store their entered data for the purposes of arranging gymnastics classes and in contacting them in relation to these classes.

  • All Vortex personnel have access to members data, including emails and contact information. 

  • By accepting and agreeing to Vortex Gymnastics' Rules and Regulations you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and our CCTV Policy.

Gymnastics Ireland

  • Vortex Gymnastics is affiliated with Gymnastics Ireland (GI), the National Governing Body for gymnastics in Ireland.

  • Coaches and members must adhere to Vortex Gymnastics' rules and the rules of membership for Gymnastics Ireland.

  • Vortex Gymnastics members must agree to the Gymnastics Ireland Mandatory Membership Agreement in order to be a member at Vortex Gymnastics and a member of Gymnastics Ireland.

  • By accepting and agreeing to Vortex Gymnastics' Rules and Regulations you are also agreeing to Gymnastics Ireland's Mandatory Membership Agreement.

  • Vortex Gymnastics adheres to Gymnastics Ireland's structures and policies in relation to Ethics and Welfare, including but not limited to Child Protection and Code of Conducts - click here for more information.

Specific Rules for 1hr 15mins classes or more

Health and Safety Procedures​

Complaint and Discipline Procedures


  • By becoming a member at Vortex Gymnastics or by adding your child's name to Vortex Gymnastics Online Waiting list, you are accepting and agreeing to the above stated rules and regulations of Vortex Gymnastics.

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